Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen
Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen

“If God exists, why does He let bad things happen?”

I’ve heard variations on this question a lot throughout my life, and there are actually a number of really good reasons why bad things happen to the devout here on earth.

God is Reaffirming Our Faith

Sometimes God sends us roadblocks, obstacles, and even tragedies to strengthen our faith. Now, that’s not to say that He thinks you’re unworthy and is testing your faith because of perceived weakness. It’s actually the opposite. If the Lord chops down a tree to block your path, it’s because He knows you can overcome it — and the result will be that you will have more confidence in yourself.

He sees that your faith is strong and wants you to inspire other people on how they can use faith to triumph over their personal struggles.

God Gave Us Free Will

God loves us and gave each of us free will. So, many of the bad things that happen are because of human choice. Sometimes evil sneaks into our hearts and minds and leads us to poor choices that cause others pain and suffering.

He does not interfere because He loves us too much to take back his gift of free will. Bad things happen because humans have the God-given right to choose good or evil, light or darkness. If we want less bad things to happen, it’s up to each of us to work on making a change towards more goodness.

This Isn’t Heaven

When it comes down to it, the reason bad things happen isn’t because God hates us or is punishing us or anything like that. Bad things happen because this isn’t heaven, Gan Eden, or wherever you believe is next.

Earth hosts a variety of beings, including evils that can influence us. It is in heaven that we will find salvation from evil. For now, we walk our paths on earth with the knowledge that evil can influence our lives if we let it. It’s up to us to battle darkness until God calls us home. Suffering on earth isn’t permanent, but salvation in heaven is.

When bad things happen it isn’t because God is punishing us or because “there is no God.” He is there, watching over us and cheering for us every step of the way. Because He loves us and wants us to make the right choices, even in the face of great sadness or evil, and that is why He doesn’t interfere.

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