Happiness Seeds

Seeds for Happiness. What are Seeds?

A happier, healthier, more spiritually connected life is goal we all share… and Daily Revival Happiness Seeds aim to inspire both you and the people you love. When you plant seeds of happiness, who knows how far you can go? It might be more likely for you to get to your passions and purpose when you are already joyful… right where you are today. Be sure to share them with your friends, too!

Your Dreams Can be Realized

Happiness: Humans beings deserve to live happily, able to pursue their dreams as they wish. That includes you! With love, faith and determination, your dreams can be realized. Repeat often and as needed: "I deserve happiness. I deserve dreams --- and I absolutely deserve to pursue them." Copyright 2020 DailyRevival.com


Believe in the Impossible

Faith: When you believe in the impossible, you encourage your imagination to make it possible. Keep dreaming and reaching for the stars. Envision what could...