Career and Work Seeds

Seeds for Your Work Life. What are Seeds?

You may love your work and career. That doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges to overcome. That doesn’t mean that you might not sometimes lack direction. Or, you may dislike your job, be out of work, or simply want something more.

Career and Work Seeds are highly sharable moments created to inspire your purpose and passion.

It Is Your Attitude

Work: The true measure of your success is not your achievements, it is your attitude. A positive attitude combined with hard work will take you to places you have only dreamed of and open doors that you thought were closed. True Success is Happiness and Serenity! Copyright 2020

Follow Your Passions!

Work: We work to support ourselves, but sometimes we work so much that we feel too tired to enjoy our lives. Here's an idea: Follow your passions! When you find work that reflects your mission and purpose in life, you might just find that it brings you more success and more time for yourself, too. Copyright 2020

You’ve Been Blessed with Talents

Work: Greatness gets its spark from talent, but it grows out of determination. Practice may not make perfect, but it does make progress -- and each bit of effort moves you forward a little more. After all, the master pianist spends a lifetime developing their skills. You've been blessed with talents, but it is up to you to take the next...

An Even Greater Inheritance

Work: Everyone has a bad day at work sometimes, but that's all it is --- one bad day. It doesn't define you. You are God's child and nothing short of amazing. You aren’t defined by a title, a promotion, a corner office, or a salary. Professional recognition is wonderful, but you’ve got an even greater inheritance headed your way, says Colossians 3:24 Copyright...


We All Hurt and Need Help Sometimes

Encouragement: We all hurt and need help sometimes. Recognize and embrace it! It’s not a sign of weakness, but of resilience. It’s proof that you’re...