When Your Thoughts Attack


You catch what you’re close to.
— Steven Furtick

Isn’t that so true? The people we spend time with and the pages we scroll through have a powerful impact on the way we think. We may not realize it, but much of our internal dialogue comes from what Pastor Steven Furtick refers to as catching a thought.

We catch it, and then we follow it where it leads. Our thoughts are powerful, and they influence our perspective. It can be important to pay attention to where our thoughts are coming from. So deep and yet so simple when you think about it… and you truly should consider thinking about it. It is a trap we all fall into, no matter how pure our faith. It is human nature.

If you find yourself feeling unsatisfied with your life, take a few minutes to listen to this inspiring message that we found for you to return to your faith and your peace of mind.

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