The tiniest seeds can grow into the most incredible things! Daily Revival Seeds are super-sharable, short video messages that you can plant in your heart and soul. Seeds may be small, but when planted and nurtured they certainly grow! Read More

You Are Complete

Love Seeds XI: God does not make incomplete people. You are full, completely colored in, and all your dots are connected. If you do find...

Say This To Yourself Often

Happiness Seed IX: Say this to yourself often: I am alive and that's all I need to be happy. My situation doesn't determine my happiness....

Trust Is A Precious Thing

Friendship Seed VIII: Trust is a precious thing. As children, we tend to give it freely. Once it’s been broken enough times, though, we put...

It’s Going To Be Okay

Happiness Seeds VIII: Positivity is a great tool for living a life of happiness, so long as it is used properly. Positivity doesn’t mean pretending...

Listen To That Whisper

Faith Seed X: We all have that little voice inside of us, whispering. No, not our conscience --- the voice of conscience is usually screaming in...

The Unexpected Places

Health: Bored? Infuse a little fun into your day. Sure --- road trips and vacations aren’t always possible, but you can find fun in other...

A Greater Impact

Friendship: Life is a web of chances and choices, each a part of not just one person’s story, but many. Your soul is part of...

Your Beautiful Future Awaits

Happiness Seed VII: This life is yours. Live it, own it, and enjoy it. Do what makes you happy and chase your goals relentlessly. Be...

Your Personal Body Recharger

Health Seed IX: Some say that you should power through when things get tough and you get tired. While that sounds strong, it isn’t always...

We Build Upon Each Other

Family Seeds VII: We often build upon our own old foundations, such as what we learned from our family. We add what we can as...