One Powerful Tool


A positive mindset can be a powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth. The practice of using daily affirmations can help us develop the positive mindsets we need to reach our goals and to live out our values.

An affirmation is a positive assertion we make that helps us focus on our goals. Using affirmations is simple and often involves three easy steps:

Choose an affirmation that is representative of the life you want to live. These affirmations should be reflective of our faith and values.

Try to make time each day to focus on the chosen affirmation(s). Choosing a set time of day could make it easier to form the habit. For example, stating affirmations in the morning on the drive to work or in the evening before bed can help develop this positive habit.

Follow through with daily repetition, because that’s how it works best.

Of course, becoming more happy isn’t as easy as saying a few words. It often involves consciously stopping our negative thoughts and replacing them with the positive words necessary to remind us of our focus.

Our affirmations can change as our goals do. We can use them to strengthen our self-esteem, develop our compassion for others, and to even practice forgiveness. They can also be a powerful way to retrain our thoughts to be more positive while still aligning with our faith.

In this video we found for you, we are guided through Christian Affirmations for Positive Thinking, and it is pretty awesome.

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