A Prayer For the Ages


When we think of aging, we might think of the discomfort we experience as our bodies get older. Our metabolism slows down. We just might slow down, too–or at least, not bounce up quite as quickly from things like sitting on the floor. Yet, aging can also come with many benefits. Wisdom is the one we might commonly think of when we consider growing older. Job 12:12 says, “Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?”

Let’s take a look at a prayer for the ages — old ages, that is. In this short video that your Daily Revival team found online for you, Mary Maxwell volunteers to give the invocation for the Senior Care home, and no one expects what she does next. Laughter may not cure aging, but humor can be yet another benefit of getting older and learning to laugh at the quirks of aging. With a dash of sass and a touch of class, Mary offers this delightfully accurate yet humorous prayer for aging.

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