Health Seeds

Seeds for Your Health and Wellness. What are Seeds?

Health is a cornerstone with faith and happiness. Having a healthful mind, body and spirit can help you on all sorts of adventures in this human condition. And while we can’t always be as healthy as we want to be, a healthy mindset goes a long way to making us feel the best we can with what we have. Daily Revival Health Seeds are sharable, fun ways to help you, and the ones you love, live their best day — every day.

Choose to Nurture a Loving Heart

Health: Bitterness and anger can be a poison to your mind and your health. If you allow anger and hatred to take root in your life, it can cause your health and emotions to suffer. In the Gospel, Matthew tells us that if we do not forgive people, we open ourselves to torture. The Torah also says: Thou shall not hate thy brother...

Nothing Short of Miraculous

Health: Your mind finds little difference between what you feel with your fingertips and what you feel with your heart. Pain is pain and pleasure is pleasure, no matter whether it is felt with your body or with your soul. Surround yourself with the love and light of God, and know it all will pass and become something nothing short of...

Enrich Your Spirit

Health: Your body is doing the best it can. Help your body by loving it and taking good care of it --- no matter what condition it is in. Need a prescription to help you through rough days? Enrich your spirit! Allow yourself to love your body just as it is, and that love will lead you to better health. After all... A...


You’ve Been Blessed with Talents

Work: Greatness gets its spark from talent, but it grows out of determination. Practice may not make perfect, but it does make progress -- and...