Faith Seeds

Seeds for Faith. What are Seeds?

Your faith needs watering, nurturing, and new seeds to plant to keep it growing every single day. That’s why we are here for you. Share these seeds with friends and family, too… and show them how much you care. Each of us have moments when we need a little boost. Daily Revival Faith Seeds can help you get that boost and keep you focused.

Listen To That Whisper

Faith Seed X: We all have that little voice inside of us, whispering. No, not our conscience --- the voice of conscience is usually screaming in...

Ride Those Waves

Faith Seed IX: Our worries can seem vast like the ocean. They try to drown us and it's all we can do to hold our...

Embrace These Things

Faith Seed VIII: Someday, all of life's questions will likely make perfect sense. For now, laugh at the uncertainty, smile through the tears, bandage up...

Your Soul Is The Key To Everything

Faith Seed VII: Always remember that your soul is the key to everything. What you feed your soul, you will become. So, feed it with...

Become More Ready To Succeed

Faith Seed VI: Doubt is the destroyer of achievable dreams. There is much we can accomplish, but doubt swoops and stops us before we muster...

You Are Strong

Faith: You Are Strong. You might not be where you thought you'd be at this point in your life. But, what if you actually are exactly where...

It’s Time to Take the First Swing

Faith: Hope lets you peek over the wall; faith is the hammer that will break you through. Have faith in something greater than what you can...

Believe in the Impossible

Faith: When you believe in the impossible, you encourage your imagination to make it possible. Keep dreaming and reaching for the stars. Envision what could...

He Knows The Way

Walk in faith and with love in your heart, knowing God will lead you. It’s scary when we don’t trust our feet to follow paths...