Love Seeds

Seeds for Love and Relationships. What are Seeds?

We at Daily Revivale love LOVE. Love is in everything. It is part of faith, it is part of family, it is part of purpose and passion. It is about relationships, it is about marriage, and it is about families and friends. Love Seeds are a way for you to both feel the love… and share it, too. Because love never decreases when we pass it along… it only ever grows. So, plant some Love Seeds!

It’s Worth Tasting

Love: Love is like gourmet chocolate: It’s complex, rewarding, and sometimes bittersweet. And regardless of how long it lasts, it’s worth tasting. Copyright 2020

Love Stays Through the Storm

Love: Love is not always something you just fall into. Love is a commitment, love is a sacrifice. Love is a relationship that never gives up. Just as our our Creator loves us, we should love each other. When tough times comes as they surely will, love does not run away and hide. Love stays through the storm until...

You Are Altogether Beautiful

Love: There is nothing and no one that can make you less than what you are. No matter what your relationships bring, hold your head up, keep esteem and self love close to your heart and put your best foot forward. Even if a failed romance leaves you wondering if you're truly loved, know that God loves you. Remember this: You are...

Look at the Treasure Hidden Within

Love I: We’ve all heard the adage “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” The same holds true in matters of the heart! It’s easy to let impressive displays of attractiveness influence us, but the Bible tells us that a flashy exterior can blind us (James 2:1-4) to the beauty inside. When you seek love, look at the treasure hidden...


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