Am I Faithful Enough?

Am I faithful enough?
Am I faithful enough?

If you’ve ever asked yourself if you’re faithful enough, then I promise that you are, in fact, faithful enough. Even if you don’t go to a church or synagogue weekly, if you don’t pray daily, even in those moments when you question God or get angry at Him, you are still faithful enough. So long as you believe in Him and do your best, then you’re plenty faithful.

That’s not so easy to believe, is it? “So you’re saying that even when I’m at my worst, I’m still faithful enough?”

Yes! Let’s look at some ways where we might feel like we’re failing and how those instances reflect our faith.

I Don’t Go to Church

Some people might preach that church is the House of God and that not going to church is sinful. Well, I’ve got news for them (and you). Any place, any time can be a place to connect with God or pray. If you don’t make it to church weekly or if you don’t go at all because you haven’t found the right one for you? Keep searching, for sure. But don’t feel ashamed because you don’t go to a particular place for worship.

Matthew 10:33, “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” That doesn’t say anything about church. As long as you live through God, you are faithful enough. Period.

I Don’t Pray Daily

Sure, it’s a good practice to pray each day. However, not praying every day isn’t a testament to your “faithlessness.” After all, we talk to God in more ways than just by praying. Living as a kind person and faithful, working to live out God’s purpose for you, studying to learn to not repeat bad patterns, and reading passages are all great ways to talk with God.

Sometimes I Get Mad at God

It’s not unusual to get mad at God or to question His plans. Life has ups and downs. It brings us pain and suffering and we may blame God for what other people or circumstances do to us.

That’s okay, really. You aren’t any less faithful because you get mad at God. The thing is, we can’t stop talking to God because of this or live a life any less than what He knows we can. Scream, yell, cry. Do the things you need to do to get your feelings out in the open. As an episode of “Highway to Heaven” attested, God would much rather hear your truth than lose you to hate and anger. Talk things out with Him!

Speak and He will hear you. Pray and He will answer. Cry and He will comfort you.

You just might find that being mad at God isn’t helping. Why bother being mad at the only One who might be able to help, anyway?

We all waiver from time to time. We’re only human, after all. God understands this and loves us anyway. As long as you’re trying your best, you are enough. Your best, even when you’re at your worst, is enough.

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