3 Important Lessons about Family

Lessons About Family
Lessons About Family

While there are undoubtedly many spiritual lessons about family, both between-the lines teachings and clear statements, we’ve decided to discuss three of the most important lessons that the scripture teaches us. Forgiveness, unconditional love, and protection aren’t just things God willingly blesses us with, they’re also things we can and should offer to our loved ones and teach our own families.


Just as God forgives us everyday for the sins we commit and the mistakes we make, it’s up to us to forgive our family when they hurt us or let us down. None of us are perfect, so we all deserve to be forgiven for our very human flub-ups. Even when it’s hard, try to forgive your loved ones. If not for their sake, do it for yourself, so that you don’t carry the burden of anger around with you.

Unconditional Love

God loves us unconditionally. We, too, can practice love above all else. Even if we have dreams and hopes for our family and they don’t quite live up to those aspirations, it’s up to us to show them love and accept them for who they are. Always let there be love. Even if we have to put distance between us and them because of abuse or neglect, part of letting go also is about loving ourselves and what a family bond should be.


It’s our duty to protect our family from the evils of the world, to provide a safe space where our loved ones can feel like they belong, a place to heal when the world feels overwhelming harsh, and protection in the form of support.

In our modern world we know so much more about mental health, trauma, and the effects of the development of the personality, not to mention the need for family and community ties. With each generation, we learn, we grow, and we hopefully integrate what we learn from study and science to compliment (as opposed to replace) our spiritual beliefs.

Sometimes that protection can mean stepping back while they learn lessons that will be important to their growth, but in the end, healthy families have one another’s backs, whether you’re caring for a small child or aging parent.

Forgive, even when it’s hard, love without conditions and accept your family for who they are, and offer protection to those you love. Above all else, show your loved ones by example about the importance of these things, and let it lead you to a healthier, happier family.

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