5 Ideas For Coping With Heavy Duty Stress

Coping With Stress

Whether you’re dealing with daily life hassles that add up to one big ball of stress or you’ve been dealing with a major life event, the amount of stress you carry around can seem overwhelming. When it comes to coping with heavy duty stress, it helps to take on what you can and give the rest of that negativity to God so you can focus on what matters most. So, how do you let go of your big ball of stress? We’re glad you asked.

1. Prayer

Prayer has a way of helping us talk to God and work through what weighs us down. You’ll likely find solutions from praying through direction and clarity, such as knowing what to focus on right now, and relief, God can hold onto the other stressors in your life while you deal with them one by one.

You likely wouldn’t unravel a ball of yarn by starting in the middle and tearing it apart. Instead, you’d start at one end and continue from there. Stress is kind of the same. Instead of looking at the whole messy ball of stress and randomly attacking this and that, choose to focus on the beginning thread that’s right in front of you. God is powerful enough to hold you while you do your thing, one strand of stress at a time.

2. Reflection

Sometimes taking a moment to think about what you’ve been through and what you’re dealing with in the now is eye opening and inspiring. Between your strengths and the lessons you’ve learned, you have the potential to overcome whatever obstacles stand in your path. Take time to reflect and then take care of business.

3. Seek Support

There are some truly incredible people in our lives who are often more than willing to help us out in times of need. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t do something on your own, then lean on those wonderful souls that God has put in your life. Sometimes even just talking it out with a confidant is helpful. You and yours can accomplish a lot when working together.

4. Accept the Stress

It may seem strange to say that accepting stress will help you cope with it, but there it is. Stress is part of our daily life. Remember that if God brought you to it, He’ll get you through it. Once you accept that the source of your stress is something you have to deal with, you’ll likely find that it’s something you CAN deal with. You have the ability to overcome it.

5. Exercise

Going for a stroll, doing some yoga, or even just stretching can help get your stress levels down. A quick break to get your happy hormones pumping does wonders, but the effects can be even better if you exercise regularly. If you’re able to, get your body moving when stress takes over your brain.

You have the power to cope with and overcome major stress through the choices you make. Prayer, reflection, seeking support, and exercise are just a few of the things you can try to work through the stuff that’s weighing on your mind and soul. Take your power back by choosing healthy coping mechanisms that work best for you.

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