Are Your Prayers Being Heard?

Hearing God

It can be heard to keep the faith when we’re not sure if our prayers are being heard. How do we know when we are getting through or being answered?

Read the Signs

Even if God doesn’t talk directly into our ears, He does speak to us by putting signs in our life. It’s up to us to meet him halfway by having enough faith to notice the signs and read them for what they are. I often think of how when people ask for proof of God, they tend to expect something grandiose, but end up missing the rainbow in the sky, the clouds parting to let the sunshine through, the beauty in the sunset, and other awesome and incredible parts of nature that can truly only be the work of God. With faith, they could see God’s work on Earth. They’d see the proof in the signs.

Let me tell you a personal story about reading the signs: I have a friend who needed a vehicle, but was really down on her luck and her financials were poor, so there was basically no way she would ever be approved for a new vehicle. One day she was going along her normal route, praying for some guidance and help. Lo and behold, there was a used car for sale and she had just enough money saved up to buy it! Now, the car had some trouble passing inspection, but because the parts that needed replaced were under recall and could be fixed at no cost to her. She read the sign in front of her and took a leap of faith. Faith carried her the rest of the way.

Prayers Answered Through Other People

Did you know God uses social media? Well, I’m not necessarily talking about God literally using it (nor am I referring to the person who uses “God” as their Twitter handler). Through other people, we can get messages and that includes posts and shares on social media. Sometimes our prayers are answered through advice or words of comfort through other people talking with us face-to-face. If you’ve ever been scrolling down Facebook and read something and thought, “Wow, I really needed that today,” then you know how powerful that can be.

Decipher Your Dreams

Not everybody remembers all their dreams, and to be honest some dreams really are just weird reconstructions of things on your brain and the occasional nightmare probably isn’t heaven sent. However, when something beautiful and encouraging happens in your dreams, it could very well be answers to your prayers through your subconscious.

For example, sometimes people who have passed on appear in our dreams, offering advice or support or simply remind us that they’re watching over from above. What a blessing of reassurance! Other times, our dreams may lead us to realizations, “A-ha!” moments, or give us a sense of what direction we should take on an issue. Don’t ignore these inclinations. They’re likely God’s wisdom.

Prayers are often answered, but it’s rarely in a direct form of God speaking into our ears and telling us what to do. Rather, we get signs that we can follow through on our own terms. Have faith and be open to interpreting the signs. Once you start looking, you could find signs from God are everywhere!

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