Friendship Seeds

Seeds for Planting Friendship. What are Seeds?

Friendships are rewarding. The human connection is essential to our faith… and yet sometimes our friendships also bring challenges with them. How can we see things differently? Where can you go when you need a little inspiration to think about a friendship in another way?

Daily Revival Friendship seeds are for you to share with the people you call your friends, but they are also for you to take to heart. Because when we go forth in friendship and fellowship, we all win.

Trust Is A Precious Thing

Friendship Seed VIII: Trust is a precious thing. As children, we tend to give it freely. Once it’s been broken enough times, though, we put...

A Greater Impact

Friendship: Life is a web of chances and choices, each a part of not just one person’s story, but many. Your soul is part of...

Celebrate The Fullness

Friendship Seed VI: Differences are like hidden treasures, just waiting to be discovered as we open ourselves to others. Cultures are like precious metals to...

You Play An Important Role

Friendship Seed V: Friends come and go. Some stay with us for a lifetime, while others are only temporary. All are valuable and come into...

The Tongue of the Wise Brings Healing

Friendship: Our friends may sometimes do and say things that hurt us --- even if they love us. Give those words to God, then try...

A Sweet Friendship Refreshes The Soul

Friendship I: God made each of us so that we each add different combinations of flavors to the world: some people are sweeter, some are...

A Real Friend

Friendship: If you're one of those "negative people" that the internet is urging people to dump from their lives, it can really hurt and be...

A Precious Kind of Love

Friendship: When the rest of the world walks away from you, you true friends will stay. Through thick & thin, laughter & pain, joy &...