Family Seeds

Seeds for Families. What are Seeds?

Family is more than blood. They are those we hold close to our hearts and feel a connection with. Deep bonds make for a lovin family. Still, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t ever challenged by our family lives, or that families are perfect. Sometimes you need a little inspiration, a little reminder of what makes a family special… and how to be your own person while you are part of something bigger. Plus, you can share these Seeds with friends, family, or whomever you think needs a boost!

The Most Important Thing

Family Seeds V: The most important thing is family. There is no greater bond than that. Your family may not be blood, but that isn't...

You Can Create a Family

Family: We are all God's children and through Him we are all family. Treat strangers and acquaintances with the same kindness that you do your loved...

There’s More than Blood

Family: There's more than blood to being related. Just one person truly caring about you --- now that's family! It doesn't matter if you've known...

Kids Love to Learn

Family: Kids love to learn, and you probably have so much you'd like to teach them. Better still are the things you learn together as...

Children Are Our Future

Family: Children are our future. It is our duty and privilege to guide them, to teach them kindness and forgiveness. Start children off on the way...

We Build Upon Each Other

Family Seeds VII: We often build upon our own old foundations, such as what we learned from our family. We add what we can...

Your Amazing Contribution To The World

Family Seed V: Legacy follows the spirit; it’s a product of enthusiasm, ideas, and what your personal energy leaves behind. Family will help to...