Family Seeds

Seeds for Families. What are Seeds?

Family is more than blood. They are those we hold close to our hearts and feel a connection with. Deep bonds make for a lovin family. Still, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t ever challenged by our family lives, or that families are perfect. Sometimes you need a little inspiration, a little reminder of what makes a family special… and how to be your own person while you are part of something bigger. Plus, you can share these Seeds with friends, family, or whomever you think needs a boost!

We Build Upon Each Other

Family Seeds VII: We often build upon our own old foundations, such as what we learned from our family. We add what we can as...

Your Amazing Contribution To The World

Family Seed V: Legacy follows the spirit; it’s a product of enthusiasm, ideas, and what your personal energy leaves behind. Family will help to define...

The Most Important Thing

Family Seeds V: The most important thing is family. There is no greater bond than that. Your family may not be blood, but that isn't...

You Can Create a Family

Family: We are all God's children and through Him we are all family. Treat strangers and acquaintances with the same kindness that you do your loved...

There’s More than Blood

Family: There's more than blood to being related. Just one person truly caring about you --- now that's family! It doesn't matter if you've known...

Kids Love to Learn

Family: Kids love to learn, and you probably have so much you'd like to teach them. Better still are the things you learn together as...

Children Are Our Future

Family: Children are our future. It is our duty and privilege to guide them, to teach them kindness and forgiveness. Start children off on the way...