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We know life can get hectic sometimes. It can be stressful, too. We know that most spiritual people, just like you, are craving a little more joy and could seriously benefit from some insights to help navigate this complex modern world.

Daily Revival was born to meet this need!

What Is Daily Revival?

The modern world can be fast paced, with ever-changing social rules or scientific discoveries. This often leads to confusion for people of faith at times — no matter if you’re protestant, catholic, jewish, or any of the other many faiths in this world that honor or worship God.

Studies have shown that being exposed to positivity, even for just a few moments per day, can have a deep and lasting impact on how we think. We get more joyful, healthier, and more able to accept when we make mistakes.

While these things have been shown by both science and technology, these truths have been hijacked by the modern psychology and New Age-y spiritualist movements, turning a lot of people of faith off… and causing the rest of us to miss out on some powerful, practical stuff.

We created Daily Revival to create and share powerful insights and messages with you, based in faith (rather than fluff).

Daily Revival Seeds will make it easy for you to use the power of affirmations for your health and happiness, while still being true to your beliefs. Plus, they are easy to share with your friends and family, which helps you spread love and joy! Our articles are designed to help people of faith get insights not just to survive the day, but to thrive in the modern world.

We are honored to meet you, to serve you, and to be partners in faith.

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